by Tomorrow We Radio

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In their never-ending quest to become fully-fledged pop stars, Tomorrow We Radio release their new single 'ORGANS' on Nov 12th.


released November 12, 2012

Chris Laycock - Vocals
Lee Raisbeck - Guitar/Vocals
Robson Michaels - Bass/Vocals
James Denham - Guitar/Vocals
Ollie Buckett - Drums/Vocals

Written by Tomorrow We Radio
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by James Denham

Cover art by Ollie Buckett

Tomorrow We Radio are: Chris Laycock, Lee Raisbeck, Robson Michaels, James Denham & Matt Collinge.




Tomorrow We Radio York, UK

A five-piece alternative-rock band from York, England.

Writing music, playing gigs, working hard.

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Track Name: Organs
With refreshed perspective, I may seem on the surface more pensive.
Truth is, I can't fight the urge to be realistic.
I never wanted you to know the hold you have, it's so,
It's hard for me to get free.

If I look internally, I'll find the order of the organs that allow me to breathe
Hidden in the darkness.
But, focusing a little more centrally, I lack the heart and belief and, crucially,
There's a black hole inside of me. It's pulling me in too deep.

And if you complicate this, you overcomplicate a simple situation,
'Cos I just need rhythm at my feet.
So, can we start again,
Instead of playing pretend?
If I hold out my hand will you understand?

Would it show vast character to see my face in a picture,
Or would I appear another absent passenger?
They say the measure of the man is in the palm of a raised hand,
What if the measure of the man is in the guilt within his hands?

If I look internally, I'll find the order of the organs that allow me to breathe.
They're hidden in the darkness.
Track Name: Cameron (AIA Remix)
You take the lead,
And I'll follow you, but for only for so long.
There's no guarantee the words you say,
Will always be that way.

So I'll wait for you,
'Cos it's only a matter of time.
I'll wait for you,
To change your mind.

We know no other way,
But to do this with you.

The words you change to make them see your way,
They're not what you used to say,
What made it be this way?
We came to get the story straight,
To hear how you really feel,
We shouldn't have to wait.

The way it turned out we feel let down.
We're fucking outraged.

'Cos we all lie,
To protect those that we dare to hold close.
The truth is always harder,
So hard to tell.