Sunlight EP

by Tomorrow We Radio

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released January 3, 2011

Music / Lyrics by Tomorrow We Radio

Produced / Mixed / Mastered by James Denham
Engineered by James Denham and Lee Raisbeck

Recorded at;
Where We're Going We Don't Need Studios (Leeds)
Limes Fort Studios (York)
Leeds College of Music (Leeds)

Artwork by Ollie Buckett





Tomorrow We Radio York, UK

A five-piece alternative-rock band from York, England.

Writing music, playing gigs, working hard.

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Track Name: Sunlight
If things were simple,
the world probably wouldn't turn,
but stand still.

If your goals came so easy,
could you truly say,
you're who you want to be?

Should things you care for,
start to slip away,
stop waiting on another day.

But your heart lacks direction,
You're drained of dedication.
Its time to take action.

Let's not strive to be perfect,
and just want to be alright.

You've got your problems I've got mine,
But no one should have to feel alone.

You waste another day.

Wasted days and selfish times,
will come along and pass you by,
They'll pass you by.

You waste another day.
Mistakes won’t go away.

Restless and anxious,
you swear the walls are closing in,
hearing truth in whispers.

Hoping the night will end,
you dream of having confidence,
take heed of this.

Someplace time is endless,
but such luxury isn’t free,
and won’t come easy.

You lack now any fight,
Having lost your focus,
You choose to chase the light.

Trying too hard to be perfect you lost sight of being alright.

Stop chasing the sunlight,
the shine is too bright,
the path is all familiar.

Stop admire the streetlight,
The sound of the night,
It’s all that is certain.

You’ve got your problems,
I’ve got mine,
No one should have to feel alone.

Have no fear of growing old,
Having aimed high but fell low,
You’re not alone.

Don’t throw chance away,
Take it on and seize the day.
Track Name: Below Me & You
When did we see,
We had to be,
So much better than,
We thought we had to be?
This could fall apart,
Had we not the heart.
And although we argue,
It’s below me and you,
And we shall last.

This could be the one thing,
The only thing.

And so I’ll stop this before it’s too late,
I could sleep through a bomb going off in my state.
But with you I’m fully awake,
In the hope that you’d notice.

And I would miss,
The mutiny.
Sleep right through the storm,
And wake up wondering.
But in this case,
I won’t misplace,
All my attention,
No misapprehension,
That’s no mistake.

I’ve broken promises,
Say I’ll make it up to you,
But I never do.
And I won’t kid about this,
This will take some,
And we’ll lose our minds.

One day we’ll be,
Beyond the frustration,
And anticipation,
Track Name: Dead Streets
It’s not a run away,
I just needed to escape again.
Leave past fears behind,
And find the open roads out there.

The only stories you’ll hear,
Are the ones where I won’t let you down.
And all the wrong you’ll hear.
Throw it out,
Into the ocean.

I will find my own way,
You can waste your own time.

No excuses left,
No time,
For you to see a change of heart.
One great chance,
On this great escape,
For me to play the part.

I’m tired of chasing dull lights,
Down dead streets,
To the same nights and stupid fights.
All the old faces looking back at me,
Saying words,
I don’t wanna be.
Chasing dull lights,
Down dead streets,
To the same nights and stupid fights.
All the old faces looking back at me,
Saying words,
But not to me.